Sunday, April 27, 2008

The fun just never ends

We had an absolutely jam-packed vacation week, all surrounding fun for the kids, of course. The weather was warm and sunny every day until today, and a week of cold and rain is predicted. That's okay. Now I can stop pretending it's summer.

Skyler got to play with one of her favorite friends: McKayla!

And Reed and Kristian couldn't be cuter together.

My friend Christine (their mom) and I got to catch up in the sun while the kids cruised around.

Skyler got a much needed trim.

And her long-awaited trip to Build-a-Bear. This was her reward for having ten good go-to-beds and ten good drop-off-at-Kimmie mornings, necesitated by some crazy scenes of crying and woe a few weeks ago. Here she is putting the heart, after she made a wish on it, into her bear. (quite a scene at this place, I tell you).

And here she is "washing" it before taking it home.

Apparantly all the antics of the build-a-bear routine didn't make a lasting impression on Skyler. This morning, I noticed her bear on the floor in the corner. "Don't you love your new bear? Why doesn't it sleep in the cradle with the other animals?"

Skyler: "No, I don't really like this one. Can I pick out another?"


Saturday, we went to the CIRCUS! What fun. It was a little bit of a hokey one, but great for the 3-year old set. That is until the 40 minute (are you kidding me?) intermission which prompted us to decide that HALF a circus is a really great idea and we left early. Skyler was most impressed with the dogs who did cool tricks. Lions and Tigers? Not in this show.

Skyler with one of those dumb plastic light-up toys I swore I would NEVER buy. It's already broken. Sandi entertained her during the LONG intermission.

Lovin' on Baby Maya

And we rounded out the weekend with Beckett's super fun gymnastics birthday party. I decided to be the mom who hangs out at this party instead of the one with the camera in everyone's face, so no pics until Meredith posts and I steal them from her (c'mon, Mer...wait, did you take pictures?).


Christine said...

I'm glad we could be part of your week! We're lookng forward to next time.

Christine said...

I meant to write that we're looking forward to next time.

Christine said...

That's a beautiful picture of the 3of you!