Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I did, I mean, will do on my summer vacation

I’m starting to carve out my summer goals. Being a teacher, I get very excited for the summertime when all I have to think about is my kids, and having fun, and doing all crafty projects that I repress during the school year, and reading. All during the school year, I have these same goals, but I can’t get to them, and I go to bed every night thinking of the papers I haven’t graded or the plans I haven’t yet cemented for school. I also go to bed every night running through my checklist in my mind: lunches packed? enough milk in the fridge? clothes ironed? sufficient laundry done to dress the kids with ease? The stress tends to take over.

It may seem counter-productive to make list of my summer goals in fear that I will then feel the weight of a to-do list during my time off. But let’s be honest. I’m a list maker and lists make me happy and excited and ambitious. I believe if you write it on a list, it will get done.

So here goes:

This summer, I would like to...I mean, I WILL:

- Read the stack of books on my bed-side table.
- Not rush. Let Skyler and Reed set the schedule.
- Bake bread once a week.
- Bake pies and cookies and muffins.
- Make at least one sort of ambitious quilt.
- Print the photos from the past year and a half and organize photo albums.
- Do the Danskin triathlon.
- Keep doing enough long runs so that I don’t forget that I can do them.
- Eat vegetables! (read on)
We have paid for a farmshare in Winterport. That means each Tuesday we will go to the farm and pick up a crate of organic and fresh produce and a bouquet of flowers. One large focus of my summer, therefore, will be to use all of these vegetables in creative and fun ways. I will make my weekly menus based on what we get, and make sure that none goes to waste. I will also involve Skyler in the process of picking up the vegetables and cooking so that her vegetable world moves beyond peas and broccoli and carrots.

Now I've gotten myself so darn excited for summer. 7 weeks to get there.


Lloyd said...

So did you infect Adrienne, or did Adrienne infect you with this list-making bug? I hope you have a better handle on it than Adrienne does. I swear the lists in our house must reproduce on their own...they're truly my nemesis.

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

I'm also soooo looking forward to summer. I think it might be time to make my summer lists. I'll still work part time, but greatly reduced with the end of the school year and tutoring. Can't wait!!!

Christine said...

The Community Supported Agriculture program is a great one. Just add to your to do list that you need to share any recipes that the kids can't resist.

Adrienne said...

emilie, i share your belief in the power of putting it down on a list. lists are beautiful. and i think lloyd maybe exaggerated a tiny bit? maybe not....there's a pile of lists right next to the computer. what's on your summer reading list?

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