Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The mistakes I make

Skyler is at the age when she constantly reminds ME of the rules (rules that WE have made.) If I slip up, and let’s face it, I do all the time, she is RIGHT there to remind me.

Mommy, it is not nice to say: “I told you so.” (e.g. I told you you had to go pee, I told you you would like (insert new vegetable)).

Mommy, we don’t bite! (Okay, I admit it. Sometimes when I’m kissing Skyler or Reed, especially on or around their thighs, I can’t help but bite a little bit. It’s just so yummy.)

I remind Skyler constantly that we don’t say the words “stinky butt.” Constantly, because she says it several times a day. I convinced myself she learned it at daycare. Last weekend, she caught me THREE times calling Reed “stinky pants” and “grumpy pants” and yes, “stinky butt.” What is wrong with me?

Tonight Skyler said to me, “It wasn’t a great move to give Reed a bath before dinner.”
Thanks, kid.

Okay, and this is the most aggregious error of my parenting career. I taught Skyler to say “boooooooooo” when Johnny Damon comes onto the field (ex-Red Sox, current Yankee). And when she said: “Why should I say booooooo?” you know what I said? I didn’t really think it through, and answered:
“You always boo at the other team.” Sam raised his eyebrows from the couch and then we all had a good laugh. Do you think she will forget this by the time she plays on a sports team?

Oh my gosh. What is my problem?


The Pagleys said...

Thanks for the laughter!! It is amazing what comes back to haunt us. Andy has a saying he likes to use when he wants to make a point: "Mirror, Mirror, on wall. You are just like your mother after all."

Donna said...

Ha!! I don't think skyler will forget sorry. I heard Luke call his brother 'stupid' one day and explained that we don't use the words 'stupid' as it is a bad word.

Now no one is allowed to use it,not at all not ever not even when it is used appropriately!

"Don't say stupid Mum, stupid is a bad word!"

We only told him once.....over a year ago!!