Monday, April 14, 2008


Reed is wearing real shoes! The first few days without his trusted Robeez (like slippers) he was like Bambi unsure of his legs under him. Now, he's a little bruiser of a boy stomping around.

And for scale, next to Daddy's shoes

Unlike Skyler, Reed is a bit slow in language development, and I'm trying to be mellow about it (like not saying: SAY BYE BYE! SAY MAMA! SAY PLEASE! right in his face all the time).

He still says "no" almost constantly. He also finally says Daddy at the appropriate time (like when he sees Daddy), and just lately, Mom. His pronunciations are like this:
Daddy = DA-EEE
Mom = Momb

He also picks up the phone (or the remote or anything that approximates a phone) and moves his mouth really fast like he's silently imitating me gabbing away.

He signs "more," blows kisses, says "bow wow" (sort of ) and waves hi very enthusiastically. He seems to undertand most of what I say.

In case you haven't caught on yet, the above catalog is an attempt to make myself feel better. Last confession: He's like a junkie about his bottle. There is no problem not solved by the bottle. I accidentally let him get so hooked that he'll be shipped off to rehab when the time comes to let it go.


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

definitely no need to worry. and when you do worry, just give me a call and we can compare notes. cooper only created a name for erik in december when almost 2, and it is pa of all things. any time you want to chat about slow talking boys i'm willing to help put both of our minds at ease.