Sunday, April 27, 2008

Training report: week 8

Alternative title for this post:
How Emilie got her groove back (I mean, how she got it for the first time)

This is new territory, people. The last two weeks have allowed me to enter "the zone" that runners talk about; you know, that place from which you can just keep going? Found it.

Last sunday: 7 miles.
Never felt better.

My mid-week short runs have reached 5 miles. I can do that!

Today: 8 miles
Not a problem.

The stomach problems I was having during my early long runs (feeling nauseous around mile 5 and on from there) have left me. Other than some super tired legs (especially up that last frickin' hill to my house), I truly feel good all the way.

When I got home today (for local folks, I ran from Mount Hope cemetery to my house in Hampden... I Know!), I thought, could I keep going?

Sure could.


Christine said...

I'm amazed! I'm just amazed. You should be very proud of yourself!

Sarah said...

em. stomach probs? ok.. here's a tip: only water (the gatoradey drinks make me sick as well) and then make sure you're doing food if you're going over 75 minutes. then food every 30 minutes. i cant handle lots of sugar (i always feel like i am going to puke) so try instead of GU, ClifShots. They are made with rice syrup instead of HFCS and way better on the gut.
Also drink a LOT of water the night before your long runs, and no sugar if you can.
Maybe that will help?
you are awesome by the way. hugs.

Kara said...

you rock!!