Thursday, April 24, 2008

What a week!

Holy cow. We've been so busy and happy and dirty and tired! The kids have played and played until they have collapsed into bed each night of this week off from school. We've had a play dates in the morning and afternoon every day; we've been outside from morning until night. The weather has been PERFECT all week, and I've almost forgotten that I have to go back to work for 7 more weeks after this. We have tasted summer, and it is sweet.

Here is the whirlwind tour.
We've been staying in our pjs for the long mornings. Yay.

Look what's growing in the planter!

Omom chasing Reed around in the Lanham's yard:

See Skyler? We went to this party to watch the Kenduskeag canoe race from the Lanham's prine spot on the river. Gorgeous. Skyler wasn't so into watching canoes and kayaks, but I decided Sam and I are racing next year.
Reed was just happy on the open grass. Just think, before this week, he had never walked on the earth before.

This has been a common image from our week.

And then to the playground.

A quick picnic lunch with Ella