Wednesday, May 21, 2008

and even more of skyler's wit

Skyler had placed an empty cup next to her plate at lunch time and asked for some milk.

A few minutes later, she picked up her cup to take a sip.

"Hey, mom. Do you see how when I tilt this cup back there is nothing coming out?
That's because you ferdagot to get me my milk."
Last night Skyler was coloring and asked if I'd join her (something I hear about 39 times a day). I said I didn't feel like it right now. She felt my forehead, as if checking for fever.

"It feels to me like you do want to color."


Sitting outside in the yard:
S: "Mom, what are you thinking?"
me: "I'm thinking about what a beautiful day it is and how lucky I am to live here and how much I love you.
What are you thinking?"
S: "I'm thinking about how I have to poop."


Donna said...

Oh she is far too cute! I love what they come out with at that age. Actually I realise I don't even know Skyler's age but I am assuming she is around 4 ish?? She is very much like my four year old!!