Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm starting to get a complex

I know, Skyler, Daddy is a really great guy.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

Daddy is better at coloring than you are, Mom.
Daddy is better at cooking, Mom.
Daddy takes me on the best adventures.
Daddy can fix it.
This drawing is for Daddy.
These flowers are for Daddy.

Don't look at them. They are not for you. They are for my Dad.

Dad is going to flip out when he sees this drawing. He loves my drawings.

I was doing okay with all this unbalance until Skyler drew two family portraits this week.
Skyler, Reed, and Daddy.

"Don't forget Mommy,"I say.

"You aren't in this picture because you are at the store."

Then she did it again, except that time I was "out on a run."

Well, Happy Mothers Day to you too.


Some funnies:

Skyler's new line:
"Patience, mommy, patience."

Last week Sam called Skyler into the living room because he wanted to speak with her about how rough/wild she was being. She knew she was in for it. She stood next to him and said:
"Daddy, could I get you a beer?"

Tonight, Sam was tickling Skyler or something and she told him to stop. He didn't.
She said:
"Daddy, you know how you don't like to have to tell me things 3 times?
Well. I don't like to tell you things 3 times either.

I like to tell you things ONE time."


Tiercy said...

She is way to smart for her own good. Those are funny.

Donna said...

lol What a very clever girl you have there!