Monday, May 5, 2008

Sam's big week

Not to brag about my husband, but...

I'm going to brag about my husband.

Sam reached two huge goals last week:
1) He completed his second masters degree from University of Maine, this one in Secondary Education (the first one in English). As of last Wednesday night, the Manharts are officially done with grad classes for a good long while. Amen.

2) He swam in a short course Masters meet in Ellsworth for which he had set some rigorous time goals for himself. He swam 5 events and dropped ridiculous amounts of time in all 5 events. Not only did he win all of the events, and surpass his own hopes for his times, he is now ranked in the top ten for his age group in Maine in 8 events and (get this) in the top 20 NATIONALLY for the 200 backstroke. 17th, to be exact. It's pretty cool to see him working so hard for something and to have all those hours in the pool pay off so sweetly.

His 200 IM was a big event for him. It would take too long to download the whole thing, so here is the first 50. He's the one with the full-length suit.


Lloyd said...

that's incredible... both the academics and athletics. tell Sam congrats.

Frederique said...

Although we do not know each other, I am a fan of your blog and I am sending congrats to your husband; great accomplishments. It seems as we get older, we don't take a minute to reflect of all we have accomplished and I think it is a great thing to take the time and say: Wow! I did it!!!

Meredith said...


Four letters for you: S.T.U.D.

And to think you're approaching your fifth decade, wink wink.

Mer Mer

Kara said...

awesome!!!Congrats to him