Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks for your support.

All of the comments you posted about the race mean so much to me. I have to admit that more than a few times over the past 3 months I wondered why on earth I had decided to make my running goal public by writing about it on the blog. I certainly had my doubts throughout my training that I would really make it, and even during the race itself. Then I would have had to eat a big piece of humble pie by admitting failure. But with luck, it all worked out. In many ways I felt like all of you, my friends, were high-fiving me along the way. Thanks a million.

This summer's triathlon won't be as big of a hurdle as it's not my first time. Riding my bike and swimming again seems like a huge relief after the last months of running, running, running, and running. But strangely, I'm already ready to run again. It's sort of addicting.

There is a super tiny little eentsy teentsy corner of my brain that might have possibly whispered the words full marathon. But I'm trying to ignore it.


Lloyd said...

you're hooked!

Sarah said...

emilie, i will totally run the NYC marathon with you on nov 2, if i get in. you still have three days to sign up for the lottery. TOTALLY DO IT. wouldnt that be fun? a week in NYC?????? sandy kress lives there and i will stay with her if i get it. wouldnt that be FUN!

Tiercy said...

Emilie, whatever you do, don't say the words ultra marathon. (I'm not really sure of the mental capcity of people who endure those - haha)

Baute Family said...

I'm so proud of my friend emilie.Triumph!I read the blog all the time to capture your life as much as I can. I love it. you make me laugh outloud what comes out of little mouths. I need to update mine with some of that stuff.I miss u !