Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend highlights

Anyone listen to NPR on Saturday night? Sam and I (with Meredith and Jason) were at the live taping of Prairie Home Companion in Bangor. It was SO cool. Garrison Keillor was awesome, so lively and energetic and impressive in the way he orchestrated all of the transitions from act to act. The auditorium was packed with people, a good crowd of solid, healthy, liberal NPR enthusiasts. There was one especially great musician from Maine, and Maxine Kumin, a favorite poet of ours that we both taught at NELP. The two hours flew by with feet-tapping fun.

Here are some pics from Saturday.

Here is a vintage Skyler motif:

Skyler has officially surpassed my own drawing skills.

A romp in the meadow behind our house.

That's our house up there, the white one.

nap time?


Leigh said...

Lucky you on the NPR taping! Jason works Saturday nights, so he always records it and listens to it throughout the week...I'll need to sit in on one of his "listening times".

Laura said...


Strange how I found your blog, but I did...

check out ours at

how's book club?

Laura Wittmann