Thursday, May 15, 2008

A week's worth of photos and cuteness

To start, here is Skyler making her I'm-really-concentrating-on-my-drawing face. Makes us laugh.

Busy, busy, busy. We are loving the warm, green loveliness of Maine right now, and counting down the days until school gets out (4 weeks!)

Skyler had a couple of good ones this week:

To my mom, she said: "Omom, would you be happy to get me a glass of milk?"
To Kimmie, when she first checked out the play room one morning, she said:
"Wow. It looks marvelous in here today."

I also thought to record my very favorite of Skyler's mispronunciations:
forgot: ferdagot (not sure where the extra syllable came from)
forgive: ferdagive
vegetables: vegables
ignore: ganore ("please stop ganoring me")

And guess what? (drum roll): REED HAS WORDS!
All of a sudden, he now says:
Ball, na-night, baba, cookie, uh-oh, more, bye-bye.
He can also do the animal sounds: fish, dog, cow, and loon. (is this funny? that parents teach their children how to moo and howl as an important early life lesson?)
He chatters all day long and seems to be trying really hard to tell us what is on his mind.

The new skill that KILLS me is how he hugs me goodnight, (with pat pats on the back), kisses me on the lips, and says na-night when I put him down. It makes me weak-kneed just to write it.

Here's what we've been doing.
My mom with the kids on Mother's Day

Running free

Milk gives him huge muscles.

Check out my gut

And my butt. Does this look comfortable? He sure didn't mind.

Skyler at her VERY FIRST swim lesson today; she did great, after some initial apprehension. Here she is bonding with Gillian.


Christine said...

Congrats on the new vocabulary! I know how important that is to you.