Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Your life story, in six words

There was an article in the newspaper a few months ago about a writing contest that asked readers to capture their life story in 6 words. Sounds hard, right? It is. But the many examples published really inspired me to try.

Here are the ones I found most compelling. You’ll recognize some of the names:

Me see world, me write stories.
- Elizabeth Gilbert

Well, I thought it was funny.
-Stephen Colbert

Fifteen years since last professional haircut.
- Dave Eggers

Became my mother. Please shoot me.
- Cynthia Kaplan

Ex-wife and contractor now have house.
- Drew Peck

Found true love. Married someone else.
- Bjorn Stromberg

I did this assignment with my creative writers today and couldn’t believe how well they did. Just think; seniors on their way into the world. High school is ending in a week for these kids, and these show how they see themselves at this huge moment:

Don’t preach. Don’t demand. Just hug.

Read the books. Failed the class.

Down to earth. Head in clouds.

Wanna move out. Will miss mom.

I think I think too much.

Drive in circles when following clouds.

Here are mine (granted, by doing 6 separate ones I’m sort of cheating, but I couldn’t decide).

My life stories:

Teaching helps me remain a student.

Look what I can do now!

Life is bigger with my babies.

I’ll cook. You clean up, please.

Bread, vegetables, love, books, books, books.

Coffee on the porch, light wind.


Adrienne said...

here's one of my early attempts that feels pretty true:

i get better at being me.

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Love those. And Adrienne, can I adopt yours?

aslindley1 said...

Lindley's Line:

Love, laugh, learn, linger, liberate, lollapalooza!

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

My voice rising above the others.