Sunday, June 29, 2008

The House of Stomach Ailments

Okay, so everyone in the entire house has now been sick, every one of us, even Chris who ended up leaving early and heading home to SF. Craig is the last one to be struck down today. Reed's illness has been the gift that keeps on giving.

We've had a lot of family bonding over our various ailments. There has been a lot of puking, lots of pulling cars over when a child indicates that something might be coming up. We've been eating a lot of popsicles. Drinking a lot of ginger ale. Washing a lot of clothes and sheets.

Here are a few of the good moments:

Lunch at Deer Valley (before we all got sick)

Poor Mac. Skyler won't let him out of her sight.

Our second attempt to visit the zoo in Salt Lake City (we thought things were looking up this morning!)

And then Skyler started to whine and say she wanted to go home. Poor thing was still suffering from belated effects of the stomach bug (i.e. frantic trips to the bathroom) and was the equivalent of a limp, lifeless bag of sand throughout our zoo visit. She perked up a few times, for the bears, for the train, and for the carousel ride.

And then she hunkered down with Reed in one of these zoo-provided buggies. By the time we left she was drooping down way low and dangling her legs out of it like a helpless miserable mess.

Red Sox fans in Utah?

Thank goodness for the evenings once all the kids are finally asleep and I can settle down with my mom and sister to chat. Speaking of which, I'm off to join them... good night!


The Pagleys said...

That same ailment hit us on our Utah trip a few years ago. What is it about that destination? Sounds like you are finding the good in the situation. I can't get over how much Grant looks like Liesel. Nice to know the genes are being handed down in the family. Give everyone a hug for me and have a safe trip back home!

Tiercy said...

Soooo sorry that we didn't get together at the zoo. But, truly I didn't want that regift! ha. I am really sorry to miss you on this trip. Maybe next year!