Thursday, June 26, 2008

A million little pictures from Utah

Peace. (says her shirt and the grasses in the wind)

We've almost forgotten the horrors of our plane trip and are having an excellent visit. I wanted to post some pictures so Sam could see what we're up to. These mountains!

The view from my sister Liesel's driveway

First dinner in the back yard

Uncle Chris and Cameron

Lucky me with my siblings

Today's main activity: Incredible bike ride up and about the mountains here. Lots of uphill and some really fun and fast downhills.

Cam and Grant

Scratch on face: tripped on the hiking trail. Bruise under eye: headbutted by Reed

The back yard. See Chris and Cam down on the bridge?

Cousins and ice cream? Doesn't that beat all?


Donna said...

Oh what absolutely stunning pictures! Sorry the flight was straight out of a horror movie lol. That scenery and time with family more than makes up for it though I bet.

Carver Fam said...

Could Utah BE any more beautiful?? It is everything I picture it to be. That photo of everyone sitting at the table in the "back yard" makes me think of Napa Valley- like you are going to go make wine from the vinyard as soon as you set the camera down.

I miss you and am so happy you are having fun. How lovely to see you, your siblings and your mom all together! Love, Suzanne

Christine said...

Have fun! Skyler's hair looks adorable!

Baute Family said...

I want to move there! Does it snow a lot? Please say no....
What area of Utah do they live?

Catherine said...

I'm getting in my car to come join you guys. This place is too beautiful. It's great to see the three of you together again; tell everyone hello from me!

SNW said...

i like how Reedo's ice cream cone is on his lap in the first of those shots. silly baby!