Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend warriors

We made it through three days on our own, and things couldn't have gone more smoothly. Everyone was on good behavior, we wore each other out, and all slept soundly.

Because everyone was up by 5:45 am on Saturday, we started early, and hit the Bog Walk (a total gem of a short hike right near us.) before 7 am. Skyler RAN the entire thing.

She ran,

and she ran

and she ran

and then she rested.

Reed liked the way the stroller bump-bump-bumped over the boardwalk.

We also got Skyler's hair cut, went to a gymnastics birthday party, and played with the O'Reillys. Both kids just went full throttle all day, and they were both asleep for the night by 6:30 pm. Happy times for mommy.

Here is a shot of Reed, who learned to feed himself! (i.e., he won't let me feed him anymore, but he still LOVES baby food!) This is the child who will be sitting on my lap on an airplane for several hours.

Meanwhile, Sam had some outstanding swims at his long course meet. He came home with a pile of ribbons and two meet records (!).

We are off to Utah tomorrow for a week with my sister and her family. Skyler has been obsessed with talking about Liesel (my sister) and Cameron and Grant (her 6 and 7 year old nephews) since our one-week countdown started. Here is her latest drawing of the three of them holding hands. For some reason, blogger won't flip this picture in the right direction, but you get the idea. Based on the gargantuan size of her own head, I think Skyler has a pretty strong sense of self.

The last time we were all together was last August in North Carolina, and Skyler thinks THAT (the beach) was Utah. (e.g. "Remember last time we were at Utah and I built a sand castle with Cameron?") Everytime I try to explain to her that Utah has mountains, not an ocean or a beach, she just smiles knowingly and says: "You'll see when we get there, Mommy. I'll show you."

Because we didn't want to pay for three tickets, Sam decided to stay home.
By himself.
For a week.

I think he's just a little bit excited. I think I'd love it for about 8 hours and then it would be way too quiet and I'd miss everyone way too much. Is that how you feel, honey?



Anyway, I'm quite certain you'll see some pics from Utah soon! (And yes, Tiercy, we can't wait to see you too!)


Kara said...

I love her artwork!! Have a great trip

Tiercy said...

Yahoo!! Our zoo trip is planned and I can't wait! I've heard Skyler has never been to a zoo before. This is the perfect zoo for kids. Can't wait to see you on Friday.