Friday, July 25, 2008

And then we pack, and then we unpack, and then we pack...

Sam is now home from 2 weeks at Bowdoin College for a Maine Humanities Council program for teachers. He spent 2 weeks (he came home on the weekend for our camping trip) enjoying history lectures and reading, eating Bowdoin's all-organic food, staying on the beautiful, old campus and having a grand old time. He did get paid to do this program, but let's be real honest about who earned that money during the last 2 weeks. Bowdoin is very near the coast in Brunswick, ME, and when I saw Sam pack his surfboard for his 2 weeks away, everything became clear to me.

I didn't mention earlier that it was all mama this week because I was given a friendly reminder not to advertise on the blog when my husband was out of town (thanks, Lisa!).

So some of the recent overnights and beach trips were designed to maintain my sanity, and they did just that. But I keep emptying the duffels and the car only to do laundry and repack; tomorrow, we're off to Massachusetts for the Danskin All-Women's Triathlon. Sam and Reed are staying home for some boy bonding and my mom and Skyler are coming to cheer me on. I'm feeling pretty excited and ready, and my race number is 2008.

Two days after I come home from the Triathlon, we head to Boston and then fly to Michigan. Woohoo!

Dear Summer,
Let's not even talk about what a swift little beast you are. Slow down!


Lloyd said...

Good luck, Emilie! Sounds like you're having an amazing summer. Have a great race.

Cate said...

Great job Emilie! You rocked the competition. I have some great action pics of you I can send along for you to enjoy.
Hope to see you soon.