Friday, July 25, 2008

at which point I realized that I want another camera

Just got back from spending the day and night at the O'Reillys' camp ("camp" is Maine speak for summer house). Meredith has a new, amazing digital SLR camera that I played with for a bit. Here are a few shots.

"The boys aren't playing the way I want to play."


lovin' on Killian


Christine said...

So what in the world kind of camera is it? Great pictures!!

Baute Family said...

Yea, what kind of camera is that? those are great pictures...I have a nikon d50 and those look better than mine! You are a great photographer though.
I miss you Em...i am always reading your blog and it keeps me in touch and happy when i see your beautiful children. I wish so much we could see eachother. Going to Michigan to visit or something else?