Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A fine Maine day

We met up with our dear dear friends for a day of beaching, eating, and loving.
Here are Avery, Ali, and Sebastian (Michigan, NELP, life friends). They are in the north from Asheville, NC and we got them to ourselves for a day. The last time we visited I was pregnant with Skyler and Avery was 1 year old.

But with these guys, it's as if we met for coffee just yesterday. Easy as pie.

Hello, Avery, you beautiful thing.

(yes, we Red Soxed him)

Skyler and Avery, we quickly learned, are kindred spirits, both brave, wild, able-bodied, poopie-joke loving kids. They were also very into showing us their tongues.

Popham Beach

The water is freaking cold. Reedo doesn't care!

King Averykhamun

Oh, Maine. You never cease to thrill me.

We waited six hours for our food to come (only a slight exaggeration)

Skyler getting silly with Seb

Go, Avery, go.

Sebastian was the best man in our wedding.

Cute, right?

Time to part ways and drive home. But first, ice cream.

And then, like clockwork, each child had a full-on-lying-down-in-the-parking-lot super-total freak-out that told us we waited a few minutes too long.

We drove our sandy, sleepy kids home to bed. Thank you for making the trip to us, friends. We can't wait for next summer.


SNW said...

now that is a precious family photo. and did two gals ever appreciate maine more than we do? i wonder. i can feel the awe from here! (from 0.41 miles away.)