Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home again, home again

We survived another plane trip, and this time no one got sick. Reed was extremely tired and difficult to hold on my lap, but I was actually very satisfied to be the family with the screaming toddler and not the family with the screaming toddler who smelled like throw up. It's all quite relative, you see.

The most stressful portions of our trip were the 20 minutes (seemed like 3 hours) that Reed just lost all control of his faculties and screamed and thrashed in my arms because he was so tired and couldn't fall asleep. Somehow I managed to stay calm enough to hold him as if he were in a straight jacket and sing to him (he might have a nervous reaction as an adult to the song "Inch by Inch") until he simply wore himself out and fell asleep (for 25 minutes! Woohoo!). Thank goodness that through all of this Skyler simply colored in her coloring book and then settled in for a nap when she was tired. She couldn't have been easier to travel with. She gives me hope for the future.

Also, we landed at JFK with 30 minutes to spare to catch our connection to Portland. And then we sat on the tarmac for a painstaking 30 minutes as our departure time came and went. When we finally got off the plane, we RAN full speed to the other terminal where we miraculously found our plane still there, and our names being called on the loudspeaker for a last call. Reed was psyched to have a 3 minute break and then get back on another plane. Another crying fit ensued. Ah well, we are now home and this will become another memory and we will all laugh about the week we flew to Utah to have the stomach flu all together.

When we got off the plane in Portland there is a sign that reads "Breathe easy, you're in Maine." Boy did I ever.

Meanwhile, here are the last pics from Utah. But first, check out Reed's new change:

BEFORE (Baby Reed)

AFTER (Big Boy Reed)

I cut his hair all off, sort of by accident. I gave him a popsicle at my sister's house and started to trim just a bit, but he sat so still, I thought I'd cut just a bit more... and more and more and more. He looks like a whole new kid to me.

Aunt Liesel reads to Skyler

From the living room.

Last day walk to check out the new house. Liesel's family is building a gorgeous home about a half mile from where they live now. The projected move-in date is next fall, and this was the first time I had seen its progress. It will be simply amazing when it's done. Here we are on the way:

And here it is. On the right is the guest house where my mom will live part of the year. The house was designed by Clark Stevens, Craig's architect brother, as you can see in the sign. And by the way, my brother Chris, the graphic designer, designed the logo for Clark's company that you see in the sign. It's a family affair.

Cameron on what will be the back deck.

The ceiling of the living room.

The master bedroom

On the way back.

Good bye, beautiful Utah. We hope you'll take us back someday. Thanks again Liesel and Craig for putting up with us and our germs all week! We still had so much fun being with you.