Monday, July 28, 2008

More race pics from friend Cate

A Maine friend was at the race to cheer for her sister and was so nice to take all these photos of me and send them along! This is part of the race my mom missed because of Skyler's mood, so I'm really grateful to see these and to show my mom. Thanks a million, Cate!

Lining up for the start of my heat. I pushed my way right in front.

Waiting for our countdown.

That's me stretching out.

Running up from the beach toward the bikes... holding yellow cap.

Off I go.


The Manharts said...

Stumbled on to a beautiful Manhart family. I was looking create a blog for the first time about my beautiful Manhart family in Nebraska. I am the youngest(35 yrs old) of 8 children and my wife and I live in Omaha Nebraska and have two beauiful girls(3 and 5yrs old). This is weird, I know, but if you are ever in the Midlands look us up.
take care,
Peter Manhart

Baute Family said...

ok, I need my Manhart fix... you usually update so frequent. HA! Who am I to ask..I need to update mine too.I love you & miss you Em.