Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ode to Stephani (UPDATED)

This is my friend Stephani. I've known her since she was 16 and a student of mine in Honors British Lit and then as a senior in Creative Writing. We kept in touch and two years ago, as she was about to graduate from college, she asked me to be one of her thesis advisors for her honors thesis in poetry. (poems so damn good you'd all have to fan yourselves every few pages). So we've gotten reacquianted now as 2 adults. She's fun, artistic, creative and strong. We love all the same stuff, needed to catch up, and so we scheduled a walk in the woods and a "picnic" (Skyler ate some snacks and Reed ate handfulls of dirt).

Steph and Skyler hadn't met until today. An hour in, this is how Skyler took to Stephani:

I think it's love.

Dear Skyler,
Please be JUST LIKE Stephani.

Dear Steph,
Skyler talked about you all day.

And some love for Reedo too.

GOOD GRIEF the pictures she took of Reed!!! You must check out her version here (and read more of her fantastic blog when you can... she's a poet AND an adventurer and vegetable lover). More playdates to come, promise.


SNW said...

So glad she didn't call me a poopy..
Can't wait for our next playdate!


-stealing photos-