Thursday, July 10, 2008

On a whim

My kids were spending the day with Kimmie, as they will once a week this summer (what a crazy luxury) and I had a half hour to kill between going out to breakfast with friends and going to lap swim at the pool.

On my way to the drug store for sunblock, I passed a salon. I should say "salon." I went in; there was a guy at the desk and I said:

"Could you please cut off my hair before I change my mind?"

And he did.

This is a crazy thing for me to do, considering my loyalty to James, the other man in my life, who has cut my hair since I moved here.

But he up and moved to California.

And drastic times call for drastic measures.

The man who cut my hair was no James, and I had to cut off some more when I got home, but MAN do I feel great, totally liberated from the long and tangly heat of my hair.

Today, the weather man said: "There is nice cool, crisp Canadian air moving in today." Timing couldn't be better. My neck is enjoying the breeze.

here's a little glimpse... Skyler took the photo. Not the best.


jenn said...

so adorable! for me, haircuts have always had a symbolic if not actual feeling of letting go of the past, traveling lightly.

Kara said...

you look great!!!! I love the new do. Perfect cut for the summer. Plus its easy to maintain~! Love ya

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

LOVE the hair. you look as beautiful as ever.
welcome to the wonderful world of short hair. i'm itching to get my cut shorter, counting the days till i can get to my fav. royal oak salon... pittsburghers don't seem to know how to cut hair, unless you want a mullet.

Adrienne said...

love love love it. actually, love doesn't cover it. fresh as a daisy and built for speed.