Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our trip to Lily Bay

We were rained out and came home early from our annual northern Maine camping trip with friends, BUT, we still had a fantastic (short) trip and it turns out I took a lot of pictures. Lily Bay State Park on Moosehead Lake (the biggest lake in New England, FYI) is one of the most beautiful places in this state, and for those of you who think that we LIVE in the boondocks, a few hours north of here it gets even more quiet. Mostly trees. Beautiful lakes. Not a lot of people. Mmmmm.

Our trip was supposed to be three families, the Carvers and the O'Reillys and the Manharts camping on the lake.

Which turned into the Carvers renting a cabin nearby so their 9 month old baby might actually sleep.

Which turned into the O'Reillys deciding to make just a day trip out of instead of try to camp with their 3 kids.

Which turned into the O'Reillys not coming up at all because it rained all day on the day they were going to come up. (We missed you O'Reillys!)

Which turned into the Manharts heading home a day early because it rained hard, and was supposed to rain hard, for the rest of the night and the day.

So, what we did have is a wonderful 20ish hours of camping in the woods and swimming in the lake in the sunshine. And actually, it was totally worth it.

We got off to a rough start with Reed waking up from his nap with his eye swollen shut after being stung by a bee. (Skyler got two stings this week too... the nest underneath the deck has since been destroyed by Daddy).

Is this pathetic?

The 4 of us stayed on this waterfront campsite. We were out of the car for 35 seconds before the kids were swimming.

Skyler gets her first glimpse of the big lake...

This is exactly how I felt for the whole evening.

In the evening, after playing in the water, I put Reed to bed in the pack and play inside my tent; he looked at me funny and I zipped him in. After 20 minutes of silence, I wondered what he could possibly be doing in there, so I peeked in the rain fly window and he was sound asleep, and he stayed that way until 6:30 the next morning. Not bad at all. We had a delicious dinner cooked by Suzanne. We sat around the fire and had beers and roasted marshmallows.

Her shirt does not lie.

Maya is worried about something.

I think what she is worried about is the impending destruction of Reed's diaper, which, shown here, is holding one half the volume of Moosehead lake. Please double click to enlarge for full effect.

A family of ducks came to visit.

Oh, people from far away,
You have no idea what you are missing in this wide, clean, sweet-smelling lake.

Dinner time!

Some lovin by the fire. Sam and I met and fell in love in the woods by a big lake just like this one. We get sort of nostalgic.

Holy smokes it's a Manhart family picture. Albeit a not-s0-good one.

Let's be honest. S'mores are the reason we go through all the trouble.

Sandi and Maya at sunset.

Saying goodnight to the ducks.

8 am. We're the only ones on the beach.

We actually sat on this beach for almost 2 hours drinking coffee and reading the newspaper while the kids splashed.

The ducks again!

All good things must come to an end.

Looks like rain is coming. We're outta here.

We all took naps in our tents while it rained and rained thinking it would just pass. No such luck. We had lunch in cute little Greenville, packed up our soaking wet gear, and headed south. Until next year!


Lloyd said...

how heavenly. i feel like i was there...i think i can smell the summery woods. thanks for the vicarious vacation.

Adrienne said...

okay, that comment was from me and not lloyd. though he probably echoes the sentiment.

The Pagleys said...

What a fun time. I am always amazed at your ability to find the fun in any situation and enjoy it for what it is. I love all of the pictures! Enjoy the summer as it is moving fast.