Sunday, July 13, 2008

Right in our own backyard

Not sure why it took us so long, but we finally went to check out Dorthea Dix park a mere 2 miles from our house. It has a small playground and picnic tables in a really pretty wooded park, and a trail down to the Penobscot River. We thought we were going for a very short walk to look at the river, and next thing you know...

It was a pretty good hike.

and we found ourselves here:

Reed just walked right in:

Skyler stripped down first:

By the time we decided to go, Reed had been fully immersed and his diaper was gigantic and swollen with river water.

When I put him in the backpack it went SPLOOOOOSSHH.


Tiercy said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to have only two miles from your home! Love that your kids just dove right in.

We had a great evening with your sister and nephews last night! Still sad I missed you when you were here. = >

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

i miss maine!!!