Sunday, July 13, 2008

That sleep thing again

On the one hand, Skyler says things like this:

(talking to Reed, overheard from the kitchen)

"Even though you bite me and hit me, you are still my brother. And I love you very much. And I will still protect you forever."

On the other hand, the kid knows how to really test her parents. This summer has been the screaming-at-bedtime routine. What? At almost 4 years old? Before bed or whenever we talk about it, she is calm, rational, understands the whole plan. We read stories, we talk about lying quietly until you fall asleep, thinking happy thoughts; all is well. I get up to leave and she panics, holds onto my shirt. She screams "Mama" for up to an hour before falling asleep. Going back in doesn't comfort her unless I stay until she's asleep (which I refuse to do); it just prolongs the torture. So here I am again, letting my child cry it out. (And then there's Reed. Bedtime is the easiest thing about him. Just brush teeth, kiss, and plop in the crib)

We are trying a sticker chart where she gets a sticker every time she goes to bed nicely. The stickers add up to stuffed animals. It worked for 3 nights.

We try not letting her sleep during the day, but then she has a meltdown of defiance (exhaustion) in the afternoon. If she takes a long nap, forget it. It's almost 10 pm before she stops crying.

At least she's funny! And good thing she's cute!