Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We are very domestic lately

The fun just never stops! More exciting happenings at our house:

They are cheap little cleaners. And surprisingly effective.

First summer project: check.
Cover the beat-up old pine chest where I keep my shoes with some cute fabric to create a "shoe-putting-on-bench" as Skyler named it.

Much better!

Next: Sam climbed up to fix Reed's window so that we could actually open the storm window and let the breeze in (quite necessary lately!)

Skyler and her coveted basket of farm share strawberries. She'd eat the whole pile herself if I let her. My feelings about these strawberries: I thought that I had eaten and loved strawberries before. After eating these, I have discovered that these are actual strawberries, and all the ones I've eaten before from grocery stores are just imposters, just bland little shapes somehow made to look like strawberries. If I could pop one into each of your mouths right now I would.

Some gardening work that Sam did while we were in Utah (he mulched all the beds and weeded and planted to his heart's content). Here are our sunflowers and tomato plants coming along quite nicely.

And the other corners of the house:

And, after being rescued by a very nice woman from JoAnn Fabrics who gave me a personal tutorial on all the things I didn't know about the sewing machine I borrowed for the summer, I'm back in business. I am about 1/4 done with it, but I'm crusing now. Somebody stop me!

This is for the double bed we are putting into Skyler's room. When I showed her, she (totally unprompted) gushed as if someone paid her to be so nice. "I LOVE IT. It's BEAUTIFUL! IT is my favorite color (pink) and your favorite color (green) together!"

Be still my heart.


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

we have purchased some similarly tasty strawberries this summer from the farmers market. cooper throws small fits for more. so painful to limit healthy snacks, but there is always too much of a good thing for sensitive toddler tummies.