Friday, August 8, 2008

Indiana! Home of corn and cousins!

We took a three day road trip to Indiana during our stay here to visit cousins from both sides of Sam's parents.

In Indiana there is a lot of corn. I can't overstate that. It's quite pretty, actually. We finally visited the cousins that always kindly truck up here to Michigan to see us. The kids were really good in the car (considering) but I have to give full credit to Aunt Lisa who sang "Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar" and "On Top of Spaghetti" 100 times with Skyler. And colored. And tickled. And read books. And colored some more. And generally kept her totally entertained. Reed alternated between staring out the window at the corn, crying, and smearing himself with the snacks I kept handing him.

The weird/cool little train restaurant (surrounded by corn) where we stopped for lunch.

Next stop: Aunt Virginia's home for lemonade and lots of finger-biting by the adults as Reed surveyed the glass trinkets and seashell displays. Nothing broke. Phew!

Aunt Ginny, we loved seeing you and where you live!

Next stop: The McKee's and little cousin Jake, just Reed's size.

And Megan, another super-book-reader for Skyler.

Their lovely yard and pond.

The next day we went to visit the Hannas in Indianapolis and were treated to the AMAZING Indianapolis Children's Museum, which totally ruined our own pretty cool Children's Museum because it was so darn cool. Here is the front:

Cousin Marjie loving Reedo

Jake with Megan and Catherine

Reed's traumatic first trip on the Carousel.

By the way, the left side of Reed's nose is all scraped from falling face first on the concrete patio in Michigan, and the right side of his nose is scraped from falling on the concrete patio in Indiana. Souveniers!

Cousins Marjie and Megan

Skyler was some happy to get on the Carousel, and when we asked her which animal she wanted to ride she said: the bench. Hmmm. And so she did.

Next, to the water area!

We were there until closing time which I feared would result in multiple screaming Manhart children. But this museum thinks of everything! They play marching band music and everyone follows the "parade" down the ramps to the exit. Brilliant!

Kissing cousins! Saying good bye to Jake.