Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My last Wednesday of Summer

The boys wanted to go on a whale watch. Today was the planned day to head to Bar Harbor so they could do just that, and my kids go to Kimmie's on Wednesdays. I gave Skyler the choice of coming with me or staying at Kimmie's with Reed. She chose Kimmie's! (What can I say? They are very close.)

So, we headed to the coast and got tickets for a whale watch. The weather was so crisp and lovely it felt like September.

I opted out (I am generally opposed to paying $50 bucks to feel sea sick for 4 hours, thank you very much). I sent them on their way.

And then I had 4 hours all by myself.


What's a girl to do?

Good thing I threw my bike in the trunk (see, I was thinkin').

Stopping by the bike shop to talk to the bike shop guys who told me how to bike onto the Park Loop road through the National Park without paying: very hot.

a self portrait in pieces:

up up up up up through the tree-lined roads. following my nose. the salty sweet air!

this is what I found.

That's a happy mommy at the end of her summer.

After the ride, I bought lunch and settled myself on the grassy knoll to wait for the whale watchers. While waiting, I did something absolutely extraordinary.

I laid myself on a blanket in the sun and read a whole magazine. Are you hearing this, people?

After a while, the boat appeared.

And I was tackled by these boys. They piled on me and said something like:

whales! humpbacks! blowholes! tails! a bunch of them!

Are the boys having fun in Maine?

I think yes.


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

What a joyful day! You deserve it before the craziness starts. Next week, already? Same here. I'm totally not prepared for the change.