Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My sister is here! My sister is here!

My sister Liesel and her two boys Cameron (7) and Grant (6) came from Utah for a week of Maine livin' and we are having a BLAST.

Good grief. I can hardly stand it. Lovely weather, hugs, kisses, silliness, and happiness all around. I only see my sister and her boys 2 times a year. NOT enough!!! (right now she's thinking... Well then? Move to Utah? Oops. We got a little attached to this place that happens to be REALLY far away from everywhere else.) I'm savoring every minute of our time together. (That is SO something my mom would say). But it's TRUE!

We loved taking the boys to the farm. Here they are cock-a-doodle-doing.

And then we marched them up the hill to say hi to the pigs.

Ummmm. The pig pen was empty. Skyler said: WHERE ARE THOSE PIGS?

I said: Let's go ask Farmer Beth.

You guessed it.


Another day trip included Birdsacre Sanctuary for injured birds (my nephews are crazy-into birds). At one point on our walk, I heard Cameron point to a cage and say, "Look, Mom. A kestral, the world's smallest falcon." (he was right!) Later, we were looking at a display of hundreds of different sized bird eggs. Skyler said: "Chicken eggs"! Cameron said: "No Skyler, these are the eggs of song birds and birds of prey." Smarty pants.

While there, let's attempt to photograph the 4 cousins together.

Where's Reed?

Reed ! Sit still!

Hey, come back here!

Alright, buster. We mean it!

Let's try the swing. Reed! Sit up!

They give up.

This one will have to do for now:

The birds? Oh yeah. Here's a great horned owl with injured legs

And this baby barred owl with a broken wing. Skyler did not want to leave this little guy. She keeps talking about how he "looked like he was going to cry!" I think he looks like he just walked into a surprise party.

Next stop: A swim in Green Lake. These Utah kids are loving the fresh water.
Skyler likes it too.

My pretty mommy with her Cameron


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Enjoy Maine Leisel! Your boys sure are beautiful!!!

Todd and Michelle said...

Yay!! I love all the pics. Reed is awesome in all his boy glory. It's so good to see your Mom and Liesel... where are you Emilie? Probably the same place I always am :)

SAVOR :) your visit!

The Pagleys said...

Love the pics of your visit with Liesel. If you ask me those Utah girls need to think about relocating to the East coast! Say hi to all for me.