Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh Brother, where art thou?

My brother Chris is at it again.

Another huge trip. (He's known for these)

This time, of epic proportions.

He left California last week and flew to Bergen, Norway. And now he's RIDING HIS BIKE by himself to Naples, Italy.

In case you haven't looked at a map recently, that's northern Europe to southern Europe, over 2000 miles. Crossing the Alps. He gave himself 45 days to get to Naples.

We Brand women are a little nervous. (Don't bring it up with my mommy. She'll cry). We're sure he'll be fine, but we are desperately awaiting his endearingly short and concise travel reports. So far, we've gotten 2 little messages that all is well and Norway is beautiful. But we WORRY! He'll be hungry! He'll get chafed! His bike will be "stolen by a band of thugs" (my mom's actual words).

What I mean is, YOU GO CHRIS! You're AMAZING! We're so PROUD of you!


beth said...

You are so right, Emilie, on all accounts. We are amazed, proud AND worried. And for you young Moms who make fun of me for being concerned, just wait 'til your little boys (and girls) grow up and go out to conquer the world--by themselves.

But I am happy for Chris, confident in his ability and sound judgement--I know he is very "street smart" and I know he will make good decisions along the way. And I can't wait to see his photos and hear his stories.

Christine said...

It must run in the family! I continue to be amazed!

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Go Chris Go! Amazing!

Michelle said...

Beth are you kidding??!! I barely let my kids bike to the corner and back :) I definitely get where you are coming from!

Go Chris, go!! Woo Hoo!! The trip sounds awesome and we can't wait to see the updates!

Tiercy said...

Wow, I want to be with Chris. Norway to Italy and everything in between. I'll be sending several boxes of tissues for your mom to last for the next 45 days! Keep us posted.