Monday, August 25, 2008

One more goodbye

Another day at the lake.

This time with my beloved creative writers, now graduated, who leave for college this week. They proposed one last lunch (and God bless 'em, they brought their journals and wanted to write).

We love that Morgan.

Yep. Skyler made a little friend. EEEWWW. Salt did the trick (good thing Adam knew to do that).

Grace the beautiful.

My beauties! My superstars! My babysitters! My favorites (OKAY? I SAID IT).

Off they go (to UMaine, Univ. of Southern Maine, U of Vermont, Yale, Mount Holyoke, and Central America/Uganda/Argentina).

Sniff. See you at the holidays. Thanks for having us today, Adam.


Tiercy said...

Emily, you must be the greatest teacher ever to inspire your students so. I might even possibly thinking of building a time machine so I can go back to high school, but only if you could be my teacher.

SNW said...

i'll try not to be offended that you've declared them your favorites-- only because you let me spend a day with them and they were mighty impressive. can't wait to see who ends up in our Honors 111 course at UMaine!