Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Michigan Days

I found some time tonight to download some pictures of our days here and I found a wireless internet connection I can poach from the back porch, so we're back in action!

We are on the beautiful west side of Michigan 4 miles away from Lake Michigan. Skyler and Reed are free and easy here, lots of naked time, running through sprinklers, digging sand at the beach, and getting just a bit of attention from Grandma Lila, Grandpa Joe, and Aunt Lisa (Sam's twin!)

The land of tall trees... I'd forgotten how magical that is.

It's wild to run around in this yard with my 2 kids when 7 years ago this week Sam and I were married in this very spot: The loveliest yard in America.

Reed riding Sam and Lisa's toy car from over 30 years ago.

The amazing farmer's market in town:

At the beach!

That's Lila and Joe coming over the bluff after a very windy afternoon.

Reed cross dressing in Skyler's silver shoes:

Skyler opening a pile of gifts that Lisa brought from Japan!

Nap time.

Aunt Lisa does it all. She even builds sand castles just so Reed can destroy them

ooooohhh.. that wide, clean lake.

Can't find Skyler? She's probably having her 1000th book of the day read to her on the couch.

Skyler and Lisa have totally bonded. She told me today that she wants the theme for her next birthday party to be a "Lisa Party"
Enough said.

Corn on the cob... Michigan's best. Skyler is really into the corn here, and the way Joe taught her to roll the corn right on the butter stick. Here's the corn series: (she's really loving the corn... it's just hot)

Those blueberries from the farmer's market? Turned into this. It was my first try at a lattice top. Not too shabby, right? And, it was goooooooood.