Saturday, August 23, 2008

The sparkliest day for a wedding

With Erica, the beautiful bride

Today we went to the wedding celebration of one of my dearest, brightest and coolest friends (who was my student 8 years ago... this makes me feel old).

Erica and her (now) husband Jack are building a house in Surry on this incredible finger-like peninsula with ocean on both sides. From their house it was a 1/2 mile hayride down their little road to the water where the party was. In other words, this is their back yard, their property, their home.
I get all misty-eyed thinking about it. It's beyond beautiful. It's a postcard view in every direction.

Not a bad spot for a wedding reception. And Erica cooked all the food!

Erica and Whitney
I used to teach/coach these girls and now they are out of college! working in the world! good, smart, accomplished people!

Scott was in my class my very first year teaching. Now he's a dad!

Janel was a diver when I coached the swim team way-back-when. Here she is being extra-cute and impressed when Skyler tells her she can dive into the pool.

Of course, my kids ended up naked and on the beach in short order.

Reed is going to go ahead and go back to the party in his diaper.

Saying goodbye to the big girls.

We love a wedding that starts and ends with a hayride through the woods.

I stopped the car on their road a few times to take some more pictures.

"Oh for heaven's sake," I said as we drove away. "What do we need to do to be able to live out here?"

Dear Erica. If there is a setting worthy of your presence, this is it. I love you! And congratulations!


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Love the dress, Em!!! What a picture perfect paradise those young love-birds have!

Erica said...

you are too sweet! What a joy it was to see you. Thank you thank you

barbara kern-bush said...

HI. i don't ever blog, or ever leave comments. I was looking for good beach photos to paint (i am a painter) and stumbled on a picture of a one of your little ones... I just want to tell you that she (I think it was a little girl) has a twin!!! Looks just like my grand daughter. They could be twins! interesting.