Saturday, August 9, 2008

Watching the game at home while I write this: very hot

Here is our hot and not hot list from today’s trip

Waking up the kids at 3:30 am: not hot
Aunt Lisa and Grandpa Joe getting up to drive us an hour to the airport: hot
25 minute flight to Chicago: hot
Reed’s screaming fit on the flight to Boston: not hot
Reed and Skyler’s hour-long nap for the end of the flight: very hot
Waiting for an hour and a half at the curb at Logan Airport for our shuttle: very cold
Traffic backups getting from New Hampshire to Maine: not hot
Lunch stop in Kittery and spontaneous outlet shopping : hot
Sam’s take on this stop: not hot
$10 pants at J. Jill: hot!
Skyler and Reed being super good troopers all day : hot
Flat tire on 95 N 40 miles from home: not
Sam changing the tire and repacking the car in 7 minutes flat: very hot
Reed throwing dried mango at me after 14 hours of traveling: not
Getting home safe and happy: super hot


Meredith said...

Welcome home!

I can't believe your trip was punctuated by a flat tire.

Isn't that just the luck.

We've missed you guys!

Kara said...

you are funny!!! I love your blog keeps me entertained!!

Todd and Michelle said...

Hi Emilie,
Todd and I have been enjoying your blog. We have one too! It's still really new... just 2 days. What a great way to stay in touch!