Sunday, September 28, 2008

The 2008 Sugarfest-Jumpingbonanza. AKA Skyler's Birthday Party

We had Skyler's 4th Birthday party a week early (so I'll save my musings over how it's EVEN possible she is 4 years old until her actual birthday).

This year's theme? Caterpillars. And Gymnastics.

I know. Not a perfect fit. I mean, I don't even think that caterpillars do gymnastics.
But it was Skyler's request. I am so glad we had the party at the Gymnastics School because it POURED all day today.

I swear I don't feed my kids a lot of sugar. But this party just sort of featured sugar and cake and candy. And jumping and hopping and spinning. And it ended at 5:30 pm.

Really, truly sorry folks. Hope everyone got to bed okay. (Christine? You all okay?)

The caterpillars! They were so much cuter in my imagination, but there you have it.

Check out Sam in the upper left corner. It must be Reedo on the loose.

Some funny moments caught on camera:

Best photo of the whole party: Reed and Kristian are already strung-out on sugar, and so distracted by the ice cream cups that they don't even know they were wearing Caterpillar party hats.

Ella! Skyler's BFF.

Skyler calls it quits and collapses on her brand new PRINCESS COMFORT LOUNGER!

Such good friends! Such a happy birthday girl! Such a tired Mommy!


Lisa said...

Glad to see the birthday party was such a success. The headbands and cakes are fantastic, Emilie!! I'm definitely stealing the headband idea for next summer's classes here in Japan. (Thanks for another teaching idea!) And please give a Skyler a big hug and kiss and happy birthday from us! wow...4!

Carver Fam said...

Okay, it was fun. But the going to bed part was really and truly sucky. Full out screaming hysteria- but that could also be because Ella had gotten three less hours of sleep the previous night.

Maya thought the party raised the roof, though. Thanks for a good time and if you do that again I'll be sending my child home with you!

Oh, and Sammy, thanks for looking out for Ella and making sure she got more than 2 pieces of candy from the pinata. (I'm not really sure why I'm thanking you- she actually lost the eating of the candy today because she behaved so badly when we got home last night. Oh, well...)

Emilie said...

Totally. Skyler was up until 10. You could have sent Ella over.

This morning in the car, Skyler said: "Skyler is tired."

When I laughed, she said: "That's like how you always say 'Mommy's tired.'"

Yikes. Do I really talk in 3rd person?

Tiercy said...

Wow, such a fun party. I love those catapillar hats. What a cute idea..and those cakes are darling too. Serioulsy I can't believe that she is going to be 4 next week. It seemed really fast.

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Happy Birthday (almost) Skyler!!!

Paige said...

Love the birthday party. Skyler looks so happy and like she is having such a great time!! And the cakes are darling. I remember for Tobin's 2nd birthday party I made a whole darn zoo, complete with a cage made of kitkats. I was so proud and they were demolished within 2 seconds. I haven't had the heart since to duplicate my creation. Happy Birthday, Skler girl. We wish we could celebrate with you.

jenn said...

Cannot believe she is so old...kudos on such an engaging and creative party!

Donna said...

Wow what an amazing day! I loved the cake and Skyler looked sooooo happy.