Monday, September 1, 2008

Another update on my brother

Many cousins, aunts, and friends are interested in what Chris is up to.
Here is our latest (much more newsy) report:

I started in Bergen Norway, on the west side of the country, gateway to all the spectacular fjord regions, an old port town with many historic buildings, wonderful fish markets, viking lore, and rosy-cheeked scandinavian uber babes roaming the cobblestone streets in packs.

After a day of getting things sorted I had quite the "here we go" moment leaving the city, heading off in to the countryside. Norway is unbelievably scenic, dramatic fjords with cliffs rising 4,000 feet on either side, quaint little towns with lots of orchards, wonderful mountainous areas, a pretty unreal start to the trip. It took about a week to get through the lower section of the country, as i started off slower to nurse my injured hamstring. I camped in a few crazy places, including one guy's yard, on the banks of a fjord when i couldn't make it to the campsite, certainly all part of the unpredictable touring adventure.

I then took a ferry to Denmark, which should have led to easier biking because it is flat, but faced an entire 6 hours of torrential head winds and rain on the first day, broke three spokes and got stranded in the middle of farm country before hitching a ride to a town with a bike shop on the second, and had more bike trouble on the third. The last few days have been smooth though, and i now sit in Germany, just having crossed the border and taking a rest day. I should be catching up with relatives in a week or so. Lots of love to everyone - Chris.


Tiercy said...

Thanks for the update on Chris. I have been wondering... Wow, he seems to be really upbeat about the setbacks adn trials. I admire that. What an adventure for him. I wonder if Reed, Skyler, Cameron and Grant will follow in his footsteps one day.

The Pagleys said...

Glad to hear that it is only driving winds and broken spokes threatening the trip and not cyclops with one eye and singing nymphs. Hope Chris keeps up his spirits.

Emilie said...

way to get the allusions, dear coz.

beth said...

It is especially meaningful to me, and I am sure to you, Emilie, that Chris is biking through his father's homeland on the fifth anniversary of his death (tomorrow, Sept.3rd). I will be with them both in heart, mind and soul.

Hey, Tiercy and Paige--great that you are following Chris's journey. He will be pleased. Please send me your emails so I can communicate directly with you-- Oh and thanks too to Michelle--I so appreciated her empathetic response to my maternal concerns

Michelle said...

Oh Beth, Beth, Beth, why won't Jake fit in his newborn outfits anymore. What's happening to my baby!

Wait, is that him about to cross the street on his bike? heading off into the great big world without me?

Seriously, I think that Chris is so brave and wow! what an exciting adventure! How awesome to be able to pick up and do something like this!

I can't wait to hear more!