Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bless this child (finally!)

Yesterday we FINALLY succeeded in having our blessing ceremony for Reed. It had been postponed for various reasons 4 times since last fall, and I am very happy that we did it and had such a beautiful day for it.

Our wishes for both of our children were to bless them with a ceremony where we welcome them to this big, wide world, confirm their relationship with their godparents, and promise to nurture them on whatever spiritual path they choose as they grow up. For both kids, we chose a simple outdoor ceremony on Jordan Pond where we read poems and blessings and then "baptized" them with the lake water.

Here is our sacred spot, one of my very favorites on this green earth.

Heading down to the water for the ceremony.

For Reed:
May you be blessed with the strength of your own spirit,
the light of the sun,
and the radiance of the moon,
the splendor of your parents' love,
the grace of your sister's friendship,
the confidence to take risks,
the desire to ask, to learn, to love,
the stability of earth,
and the firmness of rock.

If that's not holy water, I don't know what is.

Playing a very important part in this day, of course, are our dear friends and
Reed's godparents: Suzanne

and Sandi

And if that isn't enough for you to feel the love, here are short excerpts from their readings:

From Suzanne: "It is my privilege to be in your inner circle, to be one who is enchanted by you on a regular basis. Your charming giggle, periwinkle eyes, skin as soft as a pussy willow blossom, and smile that hints at a deep knowing as well as a slightly mischievous spirit-you are magical. You and Skyler and Ella and Maya, you are the glue that binds our families- because of you we are inextricably linked."

From Sandi: "The world is what we make it and there is far more beauty than not. We can consciously create and shape our lives in love. We can choose to breathe in the new and the fresh. I know, Reedo, that you come into the world knowing all these things on some level. Today, as I have accepted this role in your life, I sit humbly in a place of awe for all that is you. As with my own children, I can see and feel and know in my heart that the world is more beautiful because you are in it."

And off we go for some blueberry picking and brunch at the Jordan Pond house.

The documenters:


We got the kids to slow down for Popovers and hot chocolate. For a minute.
Many thanks to my mom and to the Carvers for making this such a special day.

p.s. all the REALLY GOOD pictures in this post are from Sandi.


Christine said...

Beautiful! God has certainly blessed all of you!

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

When did Reed get so grown up looking? What a beautiful day!

Carver Fam said...

Thank you for picking us, for having us and for bringing the world such a special little boy. He is just magical. (And I think Maya thought so when he was trying to compress her spine.)

Love you all. Suzanne

Lisa said...

Yeah! I'm able to comment again, and going comment crazy! But - wow! again...beautiful! Reed is certainly blessed into a world of love all around him. Congratulations!