Friday, September 12, 2008

DJ Skyler and her sidekick Reed

Our girl Skyler is a rhyming machine. I think she probably picked this habit up from Sam who is known to spontaneously sing and rhyme to the kids, but Skyler is unstoppable. I mean, she actually can't NOT rhyme. Most of her language goes like this:

Me: Skyler, hop in the bath.
Skyler: Rop in the math? Jop in the dath?

Me: It's time for dinner.
Skyler: dime for ninner! sime for thinner!

It's sort of cute, but also a little, well, annoying (sorry, kid).

But now, she's doing something even funnier. She adds a "Diddily" or a "Diddily-doo" to her sentences, while simultaneously rhyming if we're lucky.

So, she'll say things like:
"Have a good diddily-day at work."
"Diddily-doo, I'm going to school."
"Oh, for heaven's sake, diddily dake."

When Skyler is rhyming and diddily-hopping around the house, Reed is right behind her, laughing his head off. Or hitting her with a hairbrush.

Reed's language is growing slowly but surely. He's in the funny labeling stage, where he just walks around pointing to things and telling you what they are, but never saying them just once:

Standing at the shoe chest: "shoe. shoe. shoe. shoe. shoe. shoe."
pointing at his sister: "Sky. Sky. Sky. Sky. Sky."
pointing at the window: (this means outside): "side. side. side. side. side. side."
And my new favorite, Umbrella, which he pronounces: "Brella."

Everyone is in a good groove after the (my) emotional adjustment to the school year.


The Pagleys said...

Amazing word play for one so young and to imagine doing it all day!! What great skills she is developing, em. I know we all have our "sacrifices" but I would rather hear rhyming anyday than having to read the same book for the 1000th time. It may be just me, but I like a little variance to my reading. Even if I could alternate between two. Have fun with the rhyming dj and her sidekick. :)

Lisa said...

Her rhyming has been in my head since you all left Michigan. It really sinks in, which I loved. I still have Skyler rhymes ringing in my head. I can imagine everyday of it to get a bit old, though, like you said. But it's magical! I've never heard such amazing language skills so young. She's probably headed straight to the gifted and talented program if there is such a thing these days. Anyway - enjoy it while it lasts... It's so precious! And the way she bounces her head back and forth to the rhythm of the rhyme - oh! so cute! I want to hear it again just being reminded of it. If you get tired of it, have her call Aunt Lisa. I'm ready for a Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar round, too, if Skyler's up for it. ;D