Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm a happy running mama

Yesterday I ran the MDI (Mount Desert Island/ Acadia National Park) Half Marathon and OH MY GOODNESS... What a difference it was from the Boston Half Marathon in May. I guess I'm in better running shape, and I didn't have that nasty chest cold that I did in Boston, but yesterday was truly a world apart from my first try. Adrienne, I finally know how you felt in that race.

I won't go so far as to say it was EASY, but it was 2 hours and 29 minutes of joy with a slight tinge of pain (15 minutes faster this time!!). For REAL runners, that's sort of slow. For me? That time was my dream come true. That meant I stayed on pace of my regular running time for the whole damn thing. Except for some hip and knee pain that started around mile 7, I felt like a million bucks.

I had a hell of a week trying to get control of a stubborn bladder infection and I didn't think I was going to run it until Friday when I got the go-ahead from my doctor, though he looked at me like I was crazy when I asked. I actually felt great on Saturday morning, so I was so glad I had decided to go for it.

The weather was perfect (60 degrees and clear). The course is unbelievable. It starts through Bar Harbor toward the ocean, up a hill, and then onto the Carriage Trails (a groomed dirt/gravel path) for 9 miles that wrapped around the beautiful Eagle Lake; the trees are already tinged with reds and yellows here on the coast. Mile 6 was ALL up hill. Mile 7 was all down hill. Then it was up and down until the mean mile 11, up a steep hill for 1/2 mile. Then down hill, past a golf course, and onto the soccer field where you can see me below heading for the finish line.

During the Boston Half Marathon I had thoughts like this:
I'm going to die. Please let me die. Why can't I just die.

During yesterday's Half Marathon I had these thoughts:
WEEEEE!!! I'm so lucky to be ALIVE! What a beautiful WORLD!
Mile 12? ALREADY?

All my running friends: YOU MUST COME DO THIS RACE NEXT YEAR. Someone told me that Runners Magazine voted this the most beautiful half marathon course in America, and I know it's the only one in a National Park. I didn't take my camera with me, but look here for more pics.

My friend Susan ran with me... it was her first run of this distance and she did great.

What's next? One more triathlon in October (when I told my mom this she said: "Oh for crying out loud, my dear child"), and then I'll hang it up for the winter.


The Pagleys said...

Amazing Emily! Love the progression of your thoughts from Boston to Mound Desert. And your time is amazing--I can only dream of times like that!

Michelle said...

Oh Emilie how exciting! I have to tell you that in your earlier postings I saw you running and biking and was inspired. Soooo... I grabbed my running shoes and started out. My goal? just make it around our neighborhood (1 1/2miles)without stopping or at least without throwing up. Guess what? I DID IT!!!! I've gone out maybe 4 times now. I think I'll go tonight. How cool would it be to run with you next year?

I'm so proud of you!! And inspired!

Michelle said...

Hi again Emilie!
can't wait to hear from you!

jenn said...

wish I could have been there...the play is consuming me at the moment! opening night was kind of choppy but still fun. you are amazing; the time is impressive (to me, a sometimes runner).

Tiercy said...

Your post really makes me think I could do it. ha. that's a dream. i'm still trying for triathelon next year. I am so proud of you and thanks for sharing your running experience with us. good job.

Lisa said...

WOW Emilie! Way to go! (I think I figured out my google account again.)

Baute Family said...

You are woman , hear you roar! That's great Emilie....I am always cheering you on in spirit.

beth said...

Sam, Skyler, Reed and I had great fun watching you come across the finish line with that big smile on your face. You hardly seemed out of breath. Amazing!

Though your triathalon inspired me to think about doing it next year, there is no way I could even begin to contemplate running for 13 miles. Instead I will plan again to be at the finish line to watch you, Paige, Tiercy and Michelle all come bounding across. Then we will all go out for lobster. How about it nieces??

Michelle said...

You got it Beth!!! That's what I'm talking about!!!

Tiercy said...

I love Beth's idea!! For some reason it makes me laugh that Michelle will be in another age bracket!! Thanks for being an inspiration.

SNW said...

i love how you can see your huge smile, even in that first tiny race photograph! glorious!