Saturday, September 27, 2008

More friends in our town!

We couldn't be more excited that our friends the O'Reillys (Meredith, Jason, Killian, Beckett and Rosalyn) moved to a new house.

1.8 miles away from ours.

This is HUGE. It means we'll see each other a lot more (they moved from 20 minutes away) and in a few years, our kids will be going to school together. And it means neighborly things like stopping by for visits and helping each other watch kids and going for neighborhood runs and stuff. HOOray.

Last week while they were settling into their new house (you know, that boxes everywhere stage), we took Rozzy for a few hours on 2 afternoons.

She is such a good baby, that I started saying things like: "This isn't so hard, Sam! I think we can handle another baby!"

At which point Sam made an appointment for a vasectomy.

See that look in Reed's eye? This is right before he starting playing "take the pacifier away from the baby" which gave him much pleasure.

I said: "But look how cute they all are having dinner together."
Sam said: "If you got pregnant again you KNOW we'd have hyperactive quintuplets."
Which to me sounds kind of fun, which tells you I've lightened up from my never-having-another-baby-no-matter-what attitude.

But really, I think we're happy to babysit Rozzy once in a while, which is sort of like having to take care of a teddy bear in that all she does with us hangout and silently watch us in her adorable way, and we squeeze her a lot.

So, like I said, Hooray O'Reillys!


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

I can hear you saying "I'm a wonderful argument for a third child". hehehe

SNW said...

oh, skyler makes such a cute leader.

my coffee addiction is in full bloom. starbucks, anyone?

which reminds me, i wrote a poem in my head earlier. Hmm.. what was it..

Paige said...

I think three is a lucky number!! The thing about three is, I have never had them ALL crying at the same time so I felt like I have been ok. Tobin loves babies and whenever I am lucky enough to get my hands on one in church he always moves next to me. He, who once said he wanted to be an only child, tells me that he would love to have a little brother or sister. I think having them to borrow is the best of both worlds! :) Hooray O'Reillys!

Tiercy said...

Good friends are hard to find! I am so glad that you have some living so close by.

Michelle said...

Oh Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! Go ahead and have 2 more... and a dog... then go for a run... with all of them :)

THEN your hubby can schedule a V-sec.

BTW Todd's is scheduled for Halloween! Spooky!

In all seriousness, it's great to have close friends. Ours have 4 boys and just found out that they're "accidentally" pregnant again... wait... that's a lot of babysitting! Got another house up near you?