Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our VERY big girl

Okay, okay. So I worried for nothing.

It will probably come as no shock to you that it turns out Skyler had a fantastic first day of school; narry a tear or an ounce of fear could be detected.

Here she is at 6:50 am.
You tell me... does she look like she's shaking in her boots?

Once my mom arrived, Skyler was ready to go. They weren't supposed to leave for 20 minutes, but Skyler was all: "Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! Let's go Omom!"

She tolerated a few pictures and off she went.

And I cried all the way to work.

Because I was a nervous wreck all weekend, I had to keep myself busy. I made Skyler this love rock and tucked it into her pocket this morning. She said: "Thanks. When I get to school I'll be able to feel it working in there."

I also made her a blanket to keep in her cubby for rest time. Super soft.

When I got to work I tried to keep myself busy and not think about it. Still, I sat in my first period study hall with my heart in my throat until 8:30 when I could call my mom. The news was great. Skyler instantly seemed very excited about everything, finding her classroom and her cubby when in walked (I still can't believe this) Alexis, one of her very best friends from Kimmie's, her daycare. These two have been spending their days together since they were infants. Neither of us knew they were even going to the same school, much less in the same class.

So, off they went to the playground (every morning's first activity) together. What luck.
My mom said she seemed happy as a lark, so when the teacher took a group of them up the hill into the wooded play area, Skyler joined in, and off she went. Not a tear.

Speaking of tears, I sent all this info to Sam in an email as soon as I talked to my mom, and he was so excited that he read it aloud to his senior class and got choked up in the middle. How endearing must this have been to his students?

When I picked her up, she was just bursting with stories about the songs she learned and that she tried something new at lunch (they give them hot lunch every day!) and that she took a really good nap. The teacher said she did great all day. PHEW!

Wow, am I relieved! What a big day to have behind us.
I went out for a bike ride while Sam fed the kids dinner and I felt as light and crisp as the autumn leaves starting to show.
And I'm going to sleep very well tonight.


The Pagleys said...

The first in a line of firsts that makes the cord seem long. I just like to pretend that I can keep the cord attached so that if I (I mean they) need it pulled in a little closer I can. Do we ever really let go? I think we just make the cord have enough slack to make them happy.

Michelle said...

Oh I can't see what to type through the mist that seems to have formed in my eyes.
Have you read Tiercy's latest posting?
Please, please tell me how to push the pause button!!
Love to you all,

Christine said...

There was not one doubt in my mind that Skyler would embrace the adventure! She has a wonderful family to thank for that incredible spirit of hers.

Tiercy said...

Skyler looks so darling in her cute little brown dress, adorned with a wide smile. I am so glad things went well for you, I mean her. I think Michelle is talking about my "Does Anyone Know" post. I have learned that the days go slow, but the weeks and years fly by.