Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She's very flexible

I asked my freshmen to complete a reading interest survey so I can help them find an outside reading book to work on. One question was:
What topic would you be interested in reading about?

One girl wrote:

A story about someone being killed and then they try to find the killer and they get killed themselves. Or a romantic book.

Any suggestions people?


Sarah said...

Lovely Bones. It was a terrific book and about this exact thing!

The Pagleys said...

Ask your school media specialist if she has Novelist. You can type in the kind of plot events your student mentioned and then it will return books that match that criteria. It is a great database to search for books to read.

aslindley1 said...

I suggest a Jody Picoult book. They certainly are not great literature but they are easy reading and will grab her interest. The object is to get her reading! I can't specifically give you a title, but someone always gets killed,and romance is always involved. Keep up the good work!

Carver Fam said...

I protest about Jodi Picoult not being great literature!! Wait, what exactly constitutes great literature? I LOVE Jodi Picoult and think she is such a talented writer with such interesting and current topics. Just my two sense... I have no suggestions for the book for you student, though.

Sean said...

The Tarnished Eye by Juduth Guest; I'm guessing, but I excpect its "real" angle would appeal to her.