Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, 4-year-old!

After Skyler felt better, we surprised her with her NEW BIKE!

Sam and I had agreed not to get a pink frilly girl bike for several reasons, one of which is that Reed will inherit this in a few years. He came home with this super "SURGE" green and orange flame design, because he couldn't find just a plain red or green one. Luckily, she is totally into it! She'll be the toughest girl on the block.


Christine said...

Poor McKayla and Skyler, their practical parents will have them wearing gender neutral clothing on their gender neutral bikes in their gender neutral helmets, etc... Makes sense/cents to me! We plan to do the same.

I'm glad to see that she's feeling better and is up and about and smiling! Happy biking, Skyler!

Michelle said...

You are so smart!! I thought for sure when we bought Julianna her first bike that she would have a little sis to pass it on to. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Joke's on me!

Donna said...

Oh happy birthday Skyler! That bike looks awesome!! She looks like she had a fabulous time.

Tiercy said...

Now maybe she'll be able to keep up with her "runnin mamma". Happy Birthday to Skyler!