Thursday, October 23, 2008

I get paid for this

Yesterday in Outdoor Literature we picked our favorite Thoreau quotes, wrote them on big poster boards, and plastered the hall with them.
Today we spent the day at a high ropes course in Newport, Maine. It was cold, but so much fun. This is one of those days these kids will remember forever, especially my student who overcame her fear of heights and completed three of the high elements.

I've done this stuff a lot, and I have to say, even my heart was pounding at the top of that 55 ft. climb to get onto the zip line platform.
(P.S. This is the longest zip line in New England: 482 ft).

Here I go:

This one is called the SLING SHOT. Super fun. This kid is being pulled up to the top, and then they let go of you... Wheeeeee.

My turn:

Some more shots of my kids in the trees.


Carver Fam said...

That is crazy! How fun. I can't believe you get paid for it either...

Paige said...

Emilie,we did some of those very same things for Tobin's birthday. What I want to know is how you got to do it as a class activity? I love it!!! Seriously, I would love to hear the behind the scenes work you had to do and what did you do with your freshmen? How far away was it? Did you have a bus? How was it paid for? Was it hard to arrange a field trip like this? And do other teacher's have a contract out on you, so they can take your place? xoxoxox P

beth said...

Did their mothers know what they were doing today?

It brings back memories of when you had an entire semester of that sort of thing in high school--and yes, my heart was in my mouth the few times Dad and I came to watch you. But I agree that they will always remember today. Now are they going to write essays about their experiences???

Sarah said...

PS- NOT the longest zip in New England--- :) We just build a canopy tour in Bretton Woods, NH at Mt Washington Resort....500+ ft.


Emilie said...

Sarah, The guy who built this is VERY proud of his ropes course (he should be, it's amazing) and loves to brag that he's got the longest zip line in NE. I guess he'll have to amend that to the longest in Maine. But I'm not going to tell him!

Anyway, I'll definitely go try the Bretton Woods course sometime.

Paige, this course is at another high school 40 minutes south of us and we didn't have to pay for it (their students run the ropes course and are all trained through Project Adventure). We just had to pay for the bus. The guys I co-teach the outdoor portions of my class arranged it all. I just got to go and play.

And yes, Mom, there will be writing (of course!).

Tiercy said...

So, what I want to know is is Sam's class this much fun too?