Sunday, October 5, 2008

We were up all night...

...and we weren't partying for Skyler's 4th Birtday.

I took Reed on his first trip to the ER at 2 am after he suffered through 4 hours of screaming and labored breathing that had us all quite distressed. He was sort of holding his breath and then taking shallow little gasps, and I just couldn't listen to it anymore. I felt sort of like a psycho mother taking him to the ER, but everyone's actions and concern there made me feel totally justified. The diagnosis is bronchitis AND tonsilitis, but not pneumonia as they first feared. They monitored him closely, took chest x-rays, gave him some nebulizer treatments, and finally sent us home at sunrise. Since then he has fluctuated between screaming, sleeping on our chests, or (if you know Reed, this will prove how lousy he feels) sitting on our laps and looking at books or just looking around the room.

"Poor little buddy." That's what Skyler keeps saying.

Skyler, the birthday girl, is currently sleeping off her own illness and a fever, and Sam is passed out on the couch nursing a terrible cold and cough.

I am feeling great! (Kidding).

3 hours of sleep. Woohoo! Reed just passed out again, so I'm off to catch up a bit. Looks like I'll be home tomorrow with some assortment of patients.

Skyler's birthday present (a new bike!) is still in the garage, unrevealed. She doesn't feel well enough yet. Hopefully she won't read this blog and spoil her present.

It's fitting, really, that I arrived at the hospital 4 years ago to deliver Skyler (almost to the hour) at the same time I did last night, and that to celebrate the birth of my first baby, I'm feeling that same bleary-eyed sleep deprivation I was then introduced to. That sentence cannot be diagramed, and I'm sorry, I'm just tired.


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

poor reed! and poor mommy taking care of a sick family! hope everyone recovers quickly and doesn't share the germs with you!

Shannon said...

Wow - what a night you had! I hope everyone is feeling much better today!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I love running half marathons - it is my favorite distance - great job on your first half! I am running my first full next August so I am excited about that! Do you have any races coming up? I hope we can keep in touch! My e-mail is - I'm also on facebook, myspace, and sparkpeople if you are on any of those! :) Let me know! Shannon

Christine said...

I hope you all are feeling better soon. Happy Birthday to Skyler!!

Michelle said...

Did I ever tell you about the night Todd started throwing up at 7? Then Drew started throwing up at 7:30? Then when I couldn't understand why after putting Drew's bed sheets in the washing machine I could still smell throw-up and went into Julianna's room to find she had exorcisted it? then after being up the whole time cleaning Julianna's carpet I hear Kyle start throwing up in his crib at 2am? Then at 2:30 I start screaming for Todd to take the baby because by that time he had at least slept for 5 hours (throw up or not) and now it was my turn to hang my head over the toilet?

yeah, good times!!

I wish I could be there to make you soup and help hold Reed and clean your house and other "mommy helping mommy" things!

Happy Birthday to Skyler!!
We are praying for all of you to recover quickly!


Tiercy said...

Oh Emilie! I wish there were words that could make it all better. The only good thing is that soon enough this wil be behind you! It's is the worst when they don't feel well on their birthdays! No matter, Skyler will still be excited when she recieves her present!

I hope your family all gets better soon!

Paige said...

What an amazing mom you are!! Isn't it the worst feeling in the world when your rambunctious, curios little man morphs into someone who is content to sit...and sit. I can remember Tobin doing that same transforming and it is the scariest thing in the world. I learned that day to never doubt my motherly instincts. Thanks goodness you went to the emergency room and thank goodness it wasn't pneumonia. Feel better Reed, and Skyler, and Sam and Emilie....