Sunday, October 26, 2008

A weekend of fun

Friday night craft! Skyler and I made a family of wood fairies with all the stuff lying in our driveway.

My new favorite picture: This gives me a glimpse of Skyler as a grown-up girl.

Reed can't reach the pedals, but loves to gear up with Skyler's new stuff.

A playdate with McKayla and Kristian. First, my kids hijack their firetruck.

A series of Skyler rolling around on the grass:

Kristian poses with the leaves!

"S-M-R-T. I am so smart." -homer simpson

Why can't I get my own son to pose like this with Skyler?

The adorable upside down Kendall children!

We're sure the neighborhood tennis association would be psyched about this use of their nets!

must. do. what. the. girls. do.

Christine (my friend and very recent half marathoner) and I got to stand around while the kids played on this beautiful day and daydream about future races...


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

Wow, you have googlie eyes in your driveway! hehehe. Very cute!!

Christine said...

Just a reminder of the fact that I wish we got to see all of you more often. Thanks for coming over to play.

Sarah said...

i love the fairies. glue guns are magic! those pics of skyler rolling in the grass are perfect. i want to meet her.

Carver Fam said...

I LOVE these pics. Especially the one of grown-up looking Skyler. I too get the glimpse of the future. Great job with the camera Em.

Donna said...

I don't know how it is possible but your children get cute and cuter every time I see them!

I loved the little wood fairies!

Paige said...

As always your pictures make me want to run out and try and recreate what you have done. I. Love. those. Pictures. Skyler is absolutely beautiful and sooo cute. Reed, you're right, just makes you want to eat those cheeks of his!!!

Tiercy said...

What a cute post!! Thanks for finding out the date for teh race next year!! I appreciate it so much.