Monday, November 3, 2008

Dear America,

Please. We can do this.

My palms are sweaty with anticipation of this moment in time which feels so gigantic and bursting with possibility. I am so incredibly excited/nervous for tomorrow. We didn't have early voting here, so tomorrow I'm going to cast my one vote with as much energy and power as I can muster, come home and hold my breath, eat Skyler's halloween chocolate, and watch CNN with Sam all night if we have to. How long have we been waiting for this?


Christine said...

I'm with you, Emilie.

Carver Fam said...


beth said...

What a great poster!! And my emotions are running on high right now too (with only hours to go before the returns start coming in.)

At no point in this election process did I consider race or gender --I have chosen my candidate soley on whom I think will be best for the country at this point in time. But I have to say, If Obama wins tonight, I know the" tingles" will run up and down my spine for days. What an historic moment!! And I will feel very proud to have voted for the first African-American president in the USA. What a long way we have come since my days as a college student in the segregated south. And every African-American kid in America will wake up tomorrow knowing that he or she too could one day be president. I am SO hopeful.

m. go. said...

"How long have we been waiting for this?"

too long. i couldn't sleep last night, and i'm not planning on falling asleep any time soon tonight. it is too exciting!

but once i do, it's going to be amazing to wake up tomorrow morning.

(not that it ever isn't amazing to wake up in the morning, but still. this is the most awesome, insanely, teeming feeling ever.)