Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and Pumpkinfest 2008

Here they are, ready for action.

Reed's first trick or treat experience.

The girls of our street. What is cooler than two 5 year old friends???

After doing our street as a family, Skyler and I met up with O'Reillys for pizza and then trick or treating in one of the big, decked-out neighborhoods where every house is lit up and kids are running everywhere. Skyler decided she was done after an hour, even after I offered to carry her up to the steps of the houses. "Nope. Too tired." So, we went back to the car and then home to show Daddy the loot:
Remember this part? The candy organizing!

The next day was our friend Jody and Justin's annual Pumpkinfest party at their big, old farm house. They are very serious about their pumpkins, and there is on-line voting with photos of everyone's pumpkins after the event. We didn't even carve any this year, just ate yummy food, oogled over everyone's growing babies, and jumped in the leaves.

The O'Reillys' grandpa, visiting from Connecticut, romped in the leaves and let the kids bury him over and over. Skyler thought it was hilarious!

Beckett's turn to get buried.

Rozzy keeping up with the big kids

Meanwhile, Meredith worked on her Beckett pumpkin

and Killian worked hard on his pumpkin for over an hour while talking presidential politics with the other adults. That's Killian for you.

Reed looking for trouble in the barn.


Tiercy said...

Looks like the perfect day!! I love that the Grandpa was willing to get buried in the leaves! What a good sport. old is that kid?