Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm thankful for

4 days off in a row.
Burt's Bees chapstick.
Sweet potato caserole.
New running socks.
My husband's obsession with cleaning the house.
The house I call home.
Baby wipes.
The Food Network.
Good music to run to.
Having such a wonderful family.
Hot sauce.
Having such good friends who live close to me.
Reed learning how to kiss on the lips.
Skyler's running, jumping hugs.
The internet.
Snow days.
First snow.
Graduated students coming back to visit.
Loving to teach grammar.
The Red Sox.
My new camera.
The farm share.
Late-night swims.
Race medals.
Reading in bed.
Thinking of myself as a runner.
Sam making me laugh when I'm mad.

Skyler is thankful for...
"my family"
"that I can write"
"that I am a Manhart"
"our sunflowers"
"that we go swimming"
"that we have nice food"
"my brother Reed"


SNW said...

i would be thankful for: reedo kisses and skyler hugs! can't wait for crafty playdate. thanks for today, what a happy morning! what giving, grateful friends!

Lisa said...

As a faithful reader of the Manhart blog, I have a blog request - some runner's music ideas - a list, perhaps of your favorite running tunes? I'm in a rut...the same songs are getting old. I'd be thankful for that, Em. (Sorry for the rather shallow response to a beautiful post.) Enjoy the holidays!

Tiercy said...

Skyler...seriously...vegetables. HOw did you do that? My boys would rather cut out their tongues then eat vegetables. Loved your lists.